CHanging lives, one play at a time...

MAP playwrights develop original plays that express their understanding of human experience in the world, and improve their social and emotional health through opportunities for self-expression and confidence building. Our students find they can talk about difficult subjects and speak their minds through their characters’ voices, in the safe spaces that the page and the stage provide. And they literally find their voices, with many of our students, their families and teachers reporting that MAP has helped them become less shy and more engaged at school.


Playmaking: for first time playwrights. 3rd graders complete a ten-minute play which is then acted by professional performers during our culminating play festival!

Play-it-Again: for 4th graders, adding a challenge of a cameo character. 

Tag Team: for 5th graders, who collaboratively write a musical and have the opportunity to perform!

Dialogue: Summer camp for 6th-12th graders, to write, direct and perform their own plays. 


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