Welcome! We are so excited to share our walking tour (and scavenger hunt) with you! 

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Ready to go? Here are the tour directions:

Walking tour begins at at 40 Sonoma Ct. in Providence, Rhode Island – the Wilbury Theatre Group. Street parking or the parking lot at Rising Sun Mills is available.


Step 1:

If you are standing facing the red awning at The Wilbury Group, turn around and find the mural on the wall facing Rising Sun Mills across the street. This is the first stop of our tour. 

Play track below to hear a play inspired by this mural, written by 4th grader Naisha Ruiz. 

Scavenger Hunt: Take a selfie with the butterfly!

Step 2:

Continue the tour! Follow Sonoma Ct. to Delaine Street. Turn right onto Delaine. Continue straight for two blocks. Cross Appleton Street. Stop here. There is a concrete block building on the corner on your right. This is your next stop: The Nowell Leadership Academy, which used to be the Nickerson Community Center.

Play track below to listen to a monologue by Icesiss Harris-Dixon about the Nickerson Center. 

Scavenger Hunt: Find and take a picture of the turtle on the sidewalk. (For extra points, find two more turtles today!)

Step 3:

From the corner of Appleton and Delaine, look across the street and find the closed up building several windows with green paneling. This is stop three! This building was a family-owned bakery for many years.

Play track below to hear a play by Naisha Ruiz about a turtle’s visit to the bakery. 

Step 4: 

With the bakery on our left, the tour continues on Delaine street to Manton Avenue. Turn left onto Manton Avenue at the Dunkin Donuts, and continue into Olneyville Square, turning left onto Westminster street. Cross the street to the Olneyville Library. This is your next stop: The Olneyville Library.

Play track below to hear a play by Michelle Ovalle and Naisha Ruiz about a scavenger hunt at the Olneyville Library! 

Scavenger Hunt: Find a book about a dinosaur and take a picture with it! Also see if you can locate the bell next to the old Citizen’s bank in the square. This bell, originally housed at Atlantic Mills, would ring at the start and end of work each day.

Step 5: 

Next stop on our tour will be Atlantic Mills back on Manton Avenue. Continue back past the Dunkin Donuts and up Manton Avenue. Atlantic Mills is the large factory building on the left. Cross the street into the parking lot of Atlantic Mills. You should see a sign for the Flea Market. This is your next stop: The Flea Market at Atlantic Mills. 

Play track below  to hear a monologue by Emmanuel Lemus. 

Scavenger Hunt: in the “tower” at the mill, find the circular stairs, and take a picture of the metal studs that were installed to keep children (workers at the mill) from sliding down the bannister!

Step 6:

Tour continues to Riverside Park! From Atlantic Mills, continue up Manton Avenue to Aleppo Street. Turn left on Aleppo Street.

Scavenger hunt: See if you can find the silver fish on Aleppo Street! Take a picture. 

Continue down Aleppo and pass the mural on the left. Find the bike path entrance to the park on the left. Enter the park and walk down the path to the fish ladder. This is your next stop: THE FISH LADDER/WOONY RIVER. 

Play track below to hear a play by Osiel Moreno Jr. about a Squirrel and a Coywolf that takes place along the Woony River.

Step 7: 

Continue the tour! Behind you, in the park, you will see a playground. To the left of the playground is a community garden. This is your next stop: THE COMMUNITY GARDEN AT RIVERSIDE PARK.

Play track below to hear a play by Jaylene Moreno that takes place in the garden!

Scavenger Hunt: Take a picture of two yellow things, and any kind of flower! Also, see if you can find the giant round safe that was removed from one of the historic mill buildings that used to be located on this site.

Continue the tour!

Step 8: 

From the garden, walk back over to Aleppo Street. Then find Pelham street and walk straight up the Pelham Street hill to connect once more to Manton Ave. 

Across the street you’ll see Anthony’s Drug. That is our next stop: ANTHONY’S DRUG STORE

Press play below for a monologue by Evelyn Gonzalez about Anthony’s Drug store. 

Scavenger Hunt: Next to Anthony’s drug is a building that used to be a bath house for workers in the mills. It’s currently a church. Walk around to the alley and you’ll see the old part of the bath house building.Take a picture next to the brick wall in the alley. 

Step 9

Continue the tour!

Next, keeping Anthony’s Drug on your right, walk up Manton Avenue to Hyat Street and turn right on Hyat. Walk one block to Kossuth and turn right until you see William D’Abate Elementary on your right. This is your next stop: WILLIAM D’ABATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Press play below to hear a play by Juvia Gibbs that takes place at William D’Abate Elementary. 

Scavenger Hunt: Find and take a picture of the mural of the student on the wall on the corner of Kossuth and Florence.

Stop 10:

Tour continues…

Return to Kossuth Street and continue a few blocks to Putnam Street. You will see the MAP Clubhouse on the corner of Kossuth and Putnam.  

Press play below to hear a monologue by Juvia Gibbs about the Clubhouse. 

Scavenger Hunt: Try doing Juvia’s dance below in in front of one of the Black Lives Matter signs in MAP’s windows:

(Do your best and snap a pic!)

Step 12:

Turn left onto Putnam and walk for two blocks until you see a turquoise bodega called Campos Market on the corner of Putnam and Amherst on the left. This is your next stop!

Press play below for a play by Keilly Vasquez and Angela Vinas about “Chi Chi’s” Market. 

Scavenger Hunt: take a picture in front of the market. 

 Step 13:

Continue the tour by walking up Putnam Street (Left from Chi Chi’s) to Atwells Ave and turn right. You’ll see a tortilleria on the corner. This is your next stop: SANCHEZ MARKET/CASA MEXICO. (We recommend stopping here for a break if you are hungry!)

Press play below to hear a monologue by Emmanuel Lemus about this market. 

Scavenger Hunt: Take a picture of yourself eating a taco at Casa Mexico! 

Step 14:

Turn right onto Atwells and continue down the hill to the corner of Bowdoin. There is a beige house on the corner, and this is your next stop: Michelle’s grandmother’s house. 

Press play below to hear a monologue by Michelle Ovalle about this house. 

Continue the tour down the Atwells hill to Cutler street. Turn right onto Cutler and walk a block to Donigian Park. Enter the park and cross the field to find the bike path/greenway.  Find a place to sit and look at the sky. 

To hear a story about the moon at Waterfire Arts Center, find a place to sit along the river and press play below. (You can also walk to Waterfire Arts Center on Valley Street. It’s a bit of a detour, but worth the walk if you haven’t been there.)

Step 15

Return to the bike path and continue to walk along the Woony River, exit through the back of the park, away from Valley Street.

Walk until you find the footbridge passing over the river. This is your next stop: BRIDGE ON THE WOONY BIKE PATH/GREENWAY. 

Press play below to hear a play by Sophia Cruz inspired by the bike path bridge and the creatures in the river below.

Scavenger hunt: Look for tadpoles in the water or baby fish, and try to snap a pic. Extra points if you find a turtle!

Step 16:

Continue on the bike path/greenway until you return to the Wilbury Theatre Group on Sonoma Court. This is your next stop: The Wilbury Theatre Group!

Press play below to hear a monologue by Angela Vinas inspired by the Wilbury Theatre Group’s blackbox and the MAP studio space!

Scavenger Hunt: Take a selfie in front of the Wilbury’s garage door under the red awning. 


This completes the tour and scavenger hunt! Thank you for joining us! 

Play track below to hear our goodbye!

Remember, post those scavenger hunt pictures – #MAP2020HUNT for your chance to win a special MAP gift!

And share your experience of this tour – and spread the word! #MAPOVWALK! 

Thank you to our supporters: the Rhode Island Council on the Humanities, the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, the Rhode Island Department of Health and Central Providence Health Equity Zone, and the City of Providence Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism.