MAP teens explore voting rights and family history in a new podcast play series

What started as a project to commemorate the passage of the 19th amendment in 2020 has become a year-long exploration of real stories from important women in our lives and what voting means to them. For this podcast series of radio plays, MAP’s current middle and high school students have been working hard to write and produce a series of radio plays about what it means to have the right to vote. We asked the following questions: What voices or stories are missing from the history of women’s rights movements in the United States? Who has the right to vote today, and who doesn’t? What does it mean to have the right to vote? We interviewed women from our families about their first voting experiences, about what voting means to them, and how their civic engagement has changed over time. This project is supported by the Rhode Island Council on the Humanities!

Click below to hear an excerpt of an interview of Clara Dokyi by her sister Rose:

So far, our podcast teams are as follows:

Rose, Emmanuel, Rosa: Traci Picard, podcast mentor
Tristan, Edwin: Ana González podcast mentor
Icesiss, Jori, and Juvia: Megan Hall, podcast mentor
Podcasts will be available online by the end of March 2021!


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