Dream Plays – Scripts/Escritos in Español and English

We are proud to offer the scripts of our Dream Plays here for you to read along, in either English or Spanish.

Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer aquí los guiones de nuestras obras de ensueño para que los lea, ya sea en inglés o en español.

Bad Dreams by Lindsey Rosales
Dreamers by Katherine Ramos
Vacation Gone Wrong by Angel Guadron
Tiko and Agent Banana by Anthony Pagan
Candy Land’s Biggest Secret by Jayleen Paradizo
Hazel and Charli by Giselle Cardenas
Angie and Sabrina’s Magical Mystery by Emely Martinez
Millie and the Mystery Statue by Genesis Pinel
El Sueño de la Boda by Luis Puchetta
The Story of Sally Fish and Rico The Invincible by Delvin Ruiz